What can I plant around my chicken coop?

If you have a chicken coop, having a few plants around it would give it a great appeal as well as benefit the chickens too!

What to plant?

Greens all the way

Chickens love greens, so if you already have greens in your garden because you like gardening, they are always happy to eat some of your chicken feed.

Some of the chicken’s favorites are lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, grapes, broccoli, corn, carrots, parsley & chicken feed. They also like bok choy, kale, collard greens, peas, parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme. Lettuce and spinach grow quickly and chickens will eat them when they are young. Chickens love rosemary as well as crabgrass when it starts growing, so this is great chicken feed for them if you have any of it around your chicken coop or garden.

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Chickens can make your chicken coop a mess. So you need to know what plants will grow around it and also what plants chickens like to eat. Chicks can make a chicken coop messy, but chicken poop can also turn into compost and help plants grow. If you plant chicken-friendly plants, not only will they help your chicken coop look good but they also make a great chicken feed. Make chicken coop gardening easier by reading this article and you’ll know what plants to plant around your chicken coop!

Fruits and flowers

Chickens enjoy fruit trees, berry bushes, clover, chickweed, dandelions, plantain, rose, raspberry, raspberry, comfrey, clover, chicory. Chickens love chicken feed flowers like marigolds and zinnias.

Growing a chick garden is useful not only for chicken coops but also for human beings.  It is economical because chicken feed plants are cheap to buy compared to chicken vegetables. Other things that our feathered friends like to eat are clover flowers and dandelions. Foods that they like to eat when in season are blackberries when in the summertime and apples in the fall when in season.

How to make chicken feed?

It is easy to make chicken feed. You can make it by taking your chicken food and throwing it in a blender with water and then baking it into patties or you can take chicken feed and throw it into a pot, fill it with water, and let the chicken food absorb the water for about 3-4 days and then give it to the chicks. This will allow all of the chicken food to break down because when feeding your chicks chicken feed without soakage, they cannot digest all of it.

Chickens use plant material as chicken feed so if you have green plants growing around your chicken coop, that is free chicken feed for them. That means you don’t want to put poisonous plants near chicken pens because chickens will eat them and die.

Where to put the chicken coop?

The chicken coop should be placed away from large trees that might drop sticky fruits or seeds that are messy near an entrance or chicken yard. It is better to place the chicken coop beside smaller plants so it doesn’t get too much shade.

In order to keep them happy and healthy around the chicken coop, you need a lot of plants, not only for the chicken’s health but also because it will make your chicken coop look absolutely beautiful.

Chickens are very busy birds who scratch everything in their path. That means you need to be careful what plants you put near the chicken coop because our feathered friends can destroy or damage anything that is in their way or that could provide a nice hiding spot for predators. Some things you might want to avoid putting around your chicken coop are rose bushes (the thorns), catnip (very attractive to cats), lavender (attracts mice).

Overall, you can plant anything around your chicken coop as long as it is not poisonous and the chicken coop has a surrounding fence. When planting around coops avoid plants with thorns, this will keep chickens safe. Before you plant anything around the chicken coop, consider what plants the hens like to eat or what plants are edible by humans. Chickens are not picky so it’s easy to find something they would love to have for breakfast!

Keeping chickens happy doesn’t take much effort just be careful about where you place chicken coop and what plants you choose because chickens have allergies just as people do. If your chicken doesn’t have any place to find shade during hot summer days don’t forget to give them water too because without hydration they won’t survive for very long.


In conclusion, a chicken coop can provide a home for chickens but they also need a big garden area to live in. In the garden near chicken coops, you can plant anything that is safe but remember to avoid poisonous plants or plants with thorns. Chickens will be much happier if you give them shade during summer days and make sure they have water too! Now that you know a little bit about chicken feed and chicken favorite plants, try planting some around your chicken coop and see how much happier chicks are.

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