Things to do at a Backyard Party in the rain!

Backyards are not only becoming a popular spot to host parties but also being one of the cost-effective ones. Having a backyard gives you so many opportunities to use it for various parties and fun get-togethers!

It’s cheap and affordable because all you need is some music, food, drinks, and shelter from heavy raindrops. There won’t be any noise pollution too if everyone stays indoors or under shelter with you. You get to enjoy Mother Nature’s scents while experiencing a change in temperatures during a beautiful moment of rain.

Why to have one ?

Some people may think that holding a backyard party during rainfall would be terrible because nobody will turn up or even worse, nobody will show up but at least he/she didn’t have to pay for the party. But in fact, when you are holding a backyard raindrop, people will still come even if they are drenched by rain because they will have fun at your raindrop! Just make sure that you are prepared with an outdoor heater or an umbrella so nobody has to get sick after being soaked in the cold weather. Food and drinks can be served inside the house where it is warm.

You don’t have to worry about the party ends when the rain falls because you can just find shelter and everyone will just continue having fun in a different setting. Everyone will enjoy their time together under a little roof surrounded by nature, enjoying each other’s company while getting some fresh air in their lungs.

Rain drops? Rain drops!

Some people actually like to go out into the rain and dance! This is what these people call a “raindrop”.

Raindrops are best held during the spring season where there are subtle changes in temperature. There is no better feeling than being drenched by rain while singing at the top of your lungs! It’s very cheap and affordable because all you have to do is just to go out into your backyard, turn on some music and invite over your neighbors for a barbecue party. Backyard parties are always fun because they can be done with little money on simple equipment such as karaoke machines for music, outdoor games, and barbecue [grill]. It will save you on electricity bills too if there is no power available in your backyard.

It will be an enjoyable experience for both parties if they choose to have that kind of lifestyle. Therefore, if you are reading this right now, be brave and go out into your backyard for a raindrop or two!

Here are 11 fun activities to do at rain party with everyone


Because singing in the rain will always be fun especially with your friends or neighbors. You can also invite your friends to sing karaoke together under the shelter.

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Karaoke Session:

Sing your heart out with your friends and neighbors under shelter. If there is no power supply then bring out your karaoke machine for singing sessions together or just jam to the music from your phone or speaker!

Photo Session:

Taking pictures during rainfall will be an amazing experience because it brings out a different feeling for everyone who experiences it. Invite everyone to take pictures out in the rain. Take some pictures of nature too!

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Outdoor Games:

There are plenty of outdoor games to play during a backyard party in the rain like Charades, Tug of War, Musical Chairs (if there is no power), etc. You can also watch a movie together during heavy rainfall under shelter.

Outdoor Cinema:

There’s nothing like watching a movie under the stars and what better way to do it than during rainfall. You can easily set up an outdoor cinema by using projector screens and placing them in your backyard shelter. Everyone who watches the movie will enjoy themselves because they won’t have to pay for it!

Barbeque [grill]:

Serve food and drinks for everyone in the backyard when it is raining heavily. This will allow them to enjoy themselves while staying indoors. You can even invite neighbors over for a backyard raindrop party if they don’t want to go out into the rain. You can grill your meat/fish/vegetables on the barbeque and eat with family and friends under shelter. It won’t be as noisy because most of the people would stay indoors too so there wouldn’t be many distractions once everyone is inside.

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Food and Drinks:

Serve everyone with some barbecue or at least some drinks to keep them hydrated. Water is the best drink for this situation so keep plenty of water on standby. It’s best not to bring food outside because it can easily get ruined by the rain if held for too long. Serve everything inside the house where they are warm and dry.

Family Bonding:

If you have parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunties at home then having a backyard party in the rain will help to strengthen family bonding. Everyone can eat together while it is raining heavily outside. It’s a wonderful experience which everyone should try at least once in their lives.

Garden Party:

Organize a garden party during rainfall with family and friends to create memories. Everyone will have an amazing experience because it’s something different from the usual parties which are usually indoors. This will definitely build up a sense of community among people in your area.

Dance Party:

Invite guests to dance with you during a backyard raindrop party. You can even have the whole family dancing together because it is something everyone can enjoy. The beat of the music will sound different when it is raining so it would be interesting to hear how things change when it is raining heavily.

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Lighting Strikes:

Watching lightning strikes may be intimidating but you can also watch it from afar while enjoying lots of food! You can even try to take pictures of the lighting strikes because it will make an amazing Facebook profile picture for sure. We do not recommend staying out in the yard during lightning strikes!

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Final thoughts

It may be initially challenging to go outside into your backyard during rainfall but you will never regret having done so because it will always be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. You can invite friends over or have a barbecue with neighbors under an umbrella if necessary. Just make sure that everyone is clear of the raindrop details before you invite them otherwise they will end up getting sick.

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