Sunshine Ligustrum Problems: Top 7 Common Problems

I have recently been into gardening. I’ve planted many rose bushes, and I’m very pleased with the results so far. I love to garden, but I don’t know much about it.

I am having a problem with my sunshine ligustrum in full sun. It’s an evergreen shrub that is usually sold as an ornamental plant. The leaves are dark green on top and light yellow underneath. They are shaped like long triangles.  I asked about this in my local nursery, and they said it was a common problem for them. 

So I wrote it done for fellow garden lovers to help them with similar problems.

Top 7 problems for Sunshine Ligustrum are –

1. Leaf drop

This is when the leaves fall from the branches of the plant. It occurs due to stress or disease. If you notice it, then take immediate action. You can try spraying your plant with water mixed with dish soap. This will help prevent the spread of diseases.

2. Leaf burn

This happens when the leaves get brown spots. Usually, this is because of too much heat during the summer months. To prevent this, you need to make sure that your plants do not receive direct sunlight all day. Instead, place them under a shade cloth. Remember to remove it at night.

3. Browning

Browning is also called “leaf bronzing”. This happens when the leaves turn brownish-yellow. This is caused by overwatering. So, if you see any signs of this, then stop watering your plants until the weather gets cooler.

4. Yellowing

Yellowing is another symptom of leaf burn. But, instead of turning brown, the color changes to bright yellow. This is caused by a lack of moisture. Give your plant more water.

5. Leaf curling

Curling means the edges of leaves curl up. This is caused by drought. Make sure that your plants receive enough water. Also, keep them away from dry air. Make sure that there is no wind blowing across your plants.

6. Blossom drop

Blossom drop occurs when flowers fall off the plant. This is usually caused by cold temperatures. Try placing your plant near a heater or other source of warmth.

7. Branch dieback

Branch dieback is where the branch dies back. It can be caused by drought. Your plant may look fine one moment, and the next, the branch has died back. Don’t worry. Just give it some extra water. And also, branch dieback could happen when the branches start getting weak. It may be caused by excess water. Try to give your plant less water. Or, you can prune off some of the weaker branches.

Tips for growing Sunshine Ligustrum

1. Keep your soil moist throughout the year. This is important for both growth and to prevent diseases.

2. Prune your plant regularly. As a general rule, pruning is recommended every three years. However, if you want to grow smaller plants, then you should wait longer between prunings.

3. Avoid over-fertilizing your plants. Too much fertilizer can cause stunted growth and even death.

4. Water your plants frequently. This way, you can avoid browning or burning of their leaves.

5. When you water your plants, don’t use a hose. Use a spray bottle filled with water.

6. Place your plants near a window. Direct sunlight causes browning and burns.

7. Never fertilize your plants after flowering. Fertilization encourages the production of fruit.

8. Do not apply pesticides directly to your plants. Spray them on the ground around your plants.

9. Protect your plants from birds. Birds love to eat fruits and vegetables.

10. Buy healthy seeds. Healthy seeds have strong roots and stems. They are also resistant to disease.

11. Plant in full sun. If you live in an area that receives lots of rain, you will probably need to grow your plants in partial sun.

Final thoughts 

If you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy your sunshine ligustrum all year round. You can also check out more of our gardening blogs here.

Happy gardening!



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