How to rent your backyard for parties in 10 easy steps

rent your backyard for parties

The backyard is the perfect place for a party.

The backyard can be rented out to host events such as children’s birthday parties, backyard weddings, and family reunions. Many backyard rental companies allow you to rent the backyard for purposes other than backyard parties. You can rent the backyard for a backyard workshop, backyard barbeque, or backyard movie night. The backyard is also a great space to set up a backyard spa or a backyard picnic.

Renting your backyard for a party is an easy way to make extra money, but how do you go about it? This article will provide some tips on what to consider when renting out your backyard for parties. Tips include: figuring out the cost of renting your backyard, finding someone interested in hosting, and choosing what type of event you want to rent it out for (i.e., wedding or birthday).

Follow these 10 steps and you’ll have no trouble making money off of the most valuable part of your property!

Step 1: Figure out how much you should charge per backyard rental.

Before you begin to rent your backyard for parties, it is important that you determine how much money you will be charging for backyard rentals. To help decide what the price should be, consider the following factors: What supplies do I already have? A backyard rental company may not require all equipment but if needed certain items such as tents or tables will need to be rented.

If you do not own these items yourself, then factor in their costs when determining how much money to charge for backyard rentals. How long are backyard rentals? Figure out how many hours you would like to rent your backyard and multiply that number by what time of day rates increase (i.e., backyard rentals increase after 6 pm). This step is important in order to determine how much money you will be charging per hour, day, or night.

To rent a backyard for parties usually costs somewhere around $100-$500 dollars. Depending on the backyard rental company and what type of party it is determined how much money you should charge. The backyard rent also depends upon its size, amenities, and location.

Step 2: Find renters interested in hosting backyard parties in your backyard.

Once you have determined how much to charge per backyard rental it’s time to start looking for backyard renters! Even if you do not own a large property or if your property only has the basics like grass and chairs, there is most likely someone out there who would be interested in renting it for backyard parties. When searching for backyard renters try using various websites such as Craigslist, Backyardpartyrental, and Backyardparty. You can also contact local schools, churches, or community centers. Another way to find someone who will rent out your backyard is by putting up signs around town with your phone number on them (i.e., backyard renters wanted).

Finding backyard renters is very easy. Make sure you keep your backyard clean while backyard parties are being hosted in it so that the next renter will want to come back. Having a backyard rental company come check out your backyard before someone pays to use it can be beneficial if anything needs to get fixed before backyard rentals occur.

Step 3: Decide on what kind of event you would like to have.

Before contacting backyard party companies or individuals interested in renting out your backyard, decide on what type of event you are looking for (i.e., birthday party, children’s campout). Different events require different types of equipment and permits depending on how many guests the event has. Some backyard parties and backyard events may require a permit.

Permits can cost around $50-100 dollars depending on the type of event, number of guests, and the time of year the backyard party is taking place. Make sure you contact your city hall or visit them online to find out what kind of backyard party permits your city requires before charging anyone to use your backyard.

Deciding on what type of backyard rental will help choose how many people can attend, which helps decide how much money should be charged for backyard rentals.

Step 4: Contact backyard party and backyard rental companies.

Once you know what type of backyard rental you are looking for it’s time to contact backyard party and backyard rental companies! There are many different types of backyard parties such as birthday backyard rentals, graduation backyard parties, and wedding backyards rentals. When contacting a backyard company to rent your backyard for a specific event make sure you describe the kind of event as well as how long it will last (i.e., could be just one hour or the full day). Also let them know approximately how many people will attend and if there is any special equipment that may be needed for your backyard party (i.e., dance floor, balloons).

Contacting a backyard company can be done by word-of-mouth referrals, finding backyard rentals online, or checking out backyard party companies in your local yellow pages.

Step 5: Set up backyard rentals.

Deciding on how much to charge for backyard rental is very important because backyard parties can last anywhere from one hour to the full day (or night). It would not be beneficial if someone rented your backyard for just one hour and you charged them $20 dollars; this might only cover the cost of chairs and other small items that need to be placed in your backyard.

Also, it would not be worth it if there was a backyard rental company that charged $1,000 dollars for an entire backyard wedding that lasted all day because it would most likely be thousands more than what the individuals hosting the backyard party would be willing to pay. The backyard company should NOT be making money off of your backyard rental, but rather covering their own costs and taxes only.

Setting up backyard rentals can take time depending on how long the backyard party is scheduled for. If the backyard party is just one hour backyard renters won’t need much equipment (i.e., tables). If the backyard party is all day or night it might be beneficial to let them rent out your backyard for free if they supply all of the entertainment, food, and drinks for everyone attending your backyard party).

Backyard companies generally only make a small amount of money from renting a backyard because most likely you will have to rent other equipment such as tents and speakers from them.

Step 6: Set a date and time for backyard rentals.

Once backyard party companies contact you back about renting your backyard, decide on a date and time that works best for you and the backyard company. The backyard rental should be scheduled during an off-peak season so prices are not raised too high.

Also, set up a meeting with the backyard party company to show them your backyard before any event occurs to make sure there aren’t any obstructions such as fences or broken items in the backyard area which could potentially injure guests or ruin equipment. Make sure you agree upon all of these backyard rental details (date, time, duration) before allowing anyone to use your backyard space!

Setting a date and time for backyard rentals is very important and should be discussed before any backyard rental takes place. Also, it’s a good idea to meet with backyard renters in advance to make sure everything is ready for when they arrive.

Step 7: Safety concerns and backyard rental details.

Always keep safety in mind when renting out your backyard for backyard parties! Make sure there aren’t any broken items such as fences that could potentially injure guests or ruin equipment. You can even set a time limit till which the rentals can party so you can rest easy after the backyard party has ended.

It’s also important to discuss backyard parties and safety with the backyard rental company to make sure guests will be safe. Discuss what time they need to leave, how long the backyard party is scheduled for, who will clean up the backyard before you or children play in it again, etc. You can even set a date by which they have to leave so you know when their backyard party ends. The renters should make sure that they are following the rules and laws set forth in your backyard area as well as make sure that not too many guests will be attending the backyard party to avoid any damage to your backyard.

Step 8: Baskets and Tents!

Backyard companies generally only make a small amount of money from renting your backyard because most likely you’ll have to rent other equipment such as tents and speakers from them. Some businesses even offer free backyard rentals if certain backyard entertainment elements Discuss what kind of food can be served at the backyard party (i.e., if you have allergies, no pets are allowed).

Also, backyard renters should not come in contact with any backyard equipment (i.e., backyard tables and chairs). Some backyard rental companies will provide backyard tables for backyard parties. This might be useful if renters are coming in with their own backyard items or if backyard party guests will need to eat or drink. Make sure backyard renters know that they are not allowed to touch any backyard equipment or backyard furniture.

Step 9: Cleaning up the backyard after the party.

When you’re renting out your backyard for a backyard party, make sure to discuss how clean it needs to be before anyone can play in it again! Also, make sure the people who rented your backyard take care of everything and no one else will have access to your backyard until it is completely clean.

Make sure you agree upon a cleaning plan with the rental company which takes into account how long their party lasted, what equipment they brought in (i.e., chairs), etc. Make sure that they know that only their staff can enter your backyard after an event and make sure you agree upon a time when backyard renters must leave your backyard.

Step 10: Earning money from the backyard party.

Renting out your backyard for backyard parties will earn you some extra income, but keep in mind that the rental company will more than likely want to rent additional equipment such as tents and speakers which could potentially cost more. Make sure that any backyard rentals of this kind are discussed before the backyard party takes place! If you’re interested, make sure to discuss how much more it would be for renting all of these items on top of just renting your backyard space.

You can also set up chairs and tables for an additional fee so guests have somewhere to sit at the backyard party. Discuss what other fees will be added on top of backyard rental prices so you know how much extra to charge backyard party guests.

Backyard parties are a great way to entertain loved ones and friends. backyard rentals can be tricky, but as long as you follow these 10 simple steps, the process should go smoothly. not only will this increase your backyard’s value for resale purposes, but it will also provide some extra income on top of just renting out your backyard space!

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