Is it ok to put dry ice in a swimming pool?

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide or CO2. It’s extremely cold and can be used as an alternative to liquid nitrogen for cooling purposes. Dry ice is often referred to as “ice-cold” because of its low temperature. Dry ice is dangerous if ingested, inhaled, or comes into contact with the skin. For this reason, you should never use dry ice in your home. If you do decide to try using dry ice, make sure that you wear gloves to protect yourself from the extreme coldness of the substance.

It has many uses including:

  • As a refrigerant (cooling)
  • For the production of carbonated beverages
  • In food preservation
  • In the manufacture of pharmaceutical products
  • The most common use of dry ice is to keep foods chilled during transport.

Why add dry ice to the swimming pool?

Adding dry ice to the pool will allow you to extend the time that the pool stays open. Other benefits include:

•Reducing the need to turn on the pump

•Decreasing the amount of chlorine needed to clean the water

Is it really ok to put dry ice in a swimming pool?

If you put dry ice in a pool, you will create a gas cloud around the water surface. The gas cloud will cool the air surrounding the pool and the water itself. This process creates a vacuum effect which pulls the water up through the pipes and filters. This cooling method is called a ‘swim down’ system. Swimming pools are sometimes equipped with swim-down systems so that they can remain open longer. They also help reduce algae growth.

You can add dry ice to your pool by placing blocks of dry ice near the bottom of the pool. You can also place small amounts of dry ice on the floor of the pool. Be careful not to leave any dry ice lying around where children could accidentally come across it. A swimming pool full of dry ice can cause serious injury. Children who swallow dry ice may get stomach cramps and other problems. Adults who eat or drink anything while standing next to a pool filled with dry ice could choke on the dry ice.

You must remove all dry ice from a pool within 24 hours after adding it. Never allow the dry ice to melt before completely removing it.

What happens if I put dry ice in my pool?

If you put too much dry ice in your pool, then you could damage the equipment that is inside the pool. Also, the chemicals in the pool may react with the dry ice causing them to become unstable. The gas created by the reaction between the dry ice and the chemicals can cause severe burns. In addition, the dry ice can explode due to the pressure build-up caused by the chemical reaction. So, just remember to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not pour dry ice directly into the pool
  • Place the dry ice at least ten feet away from the pool
  • Never place dry ice in the pool while it is running
  • Be careful around the pool equipment.

How much dry ice should I add to the pool?

To get the best results, you should add one pound of dry ice per 10,000 gallons of water. This should last about four hours. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of putting dry ice in a swimming pool?


  • Cools the air and water
  • Reduces algae growth


  • Can cause injuries
  • Must be removed within 24hours
  • Can also cause burns if touched or swallowed

Can I put dry ice in residential pools?

Yes, but only when the pool is not in use.

Can I put dry ice in my hot tub?

No! Dry ice is very dangerous in a hot tub or spa. Any amount of dry ice placed in a hot tub or pool can cause severe burns.

Can I put dry ice in my indoor pool?

Yes. However, please check with your local pool operator first to make sure that it is safe to operate an indoor pool with dry ice.

Safety precautions:

•Always wear protective clothing such as gloves and goggles

•Do not breathe the vapor created by the dry ice

•Never let children play near the pool

•Keep dry ice away from children

•Remove all dry ice from the pool within 24 hours


We do not recommend using dry ice in a pool because it has many drawbacks. It can cause burns, it can be dangerous for kids and adults alike, and it can damage pool equipment. Please do your research before doing anything dangerous!

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