Cost to Build a Backyard Bar, A Complete Guide

Backyard Bar

The Backyard Bar is a place where you can come to escape the stress of life for just one moment, but it won’t be cheap. The total cost to build your own backyard bar will depend on many factors, including the size and location of your property, how much work you are willing to do yourself or hire out, and what type of materials you use. But in general, if you want a good-looking finished product that doesn’t look like something thrown together by someone who doesn’t know better this could easily run into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You should also keep in mind that there are ongoing costs associated with owning a bar – like salaries for staff (bartender, bouncer), insurance premiums (liability, workers comp, etc.), inventory costs (alcohol, mixers), and repairs.

1) Allocating Rooms

Typically you will need to create a space for people to enter the bar, where they can check their coats if necessary, put down drinks or food items if they are not allowed to take them into the viewing area of the bar itself, use the bathroom(s), etc. This typically takes up at least one room within your house simply because everyone needs access to it. While in some cases this may be able to be converted from another part of your home that is usually one room that you would no longer be using in that way once you have created your bar.

The actual place where customers sit and relax when visiting a backyard bar will vary depending on your own personal preferences. You may choose to make your backyard bar a completely open-air structure, or you might prefer to keep the customers dry (or relatively dry) by enclosing them with walls and ceilings; these can be glass if you want everyone who is not directly sitting at the bar to be able to see what’s going on inside, or they can consist of more permanent materials like bricks or planks of wood depending on your preference. The main thing is that it should be enough space for everyone attending your party plus some extra; once people start gathering around different groups inevitably overlap into other conversations.

2) Construction Time

Even if you are simply hiring someone else to construct the backyard bar for you this will take time due to the number of steps that are involved. First, you need to find a site that can accommodate the bar; this will be at least two rooms in your home unless you plan on removing walls or other portions of your house to make room for it. Next, depending on whether or not you choose to enclose the area you may have to hire someone to do electrical work if necessary so that there are lights outside the bar area itself.

3) Construction Materials

For example, how are they built? Are materials included? What type of grade lumber is being used? Is it treated wood? How long will they last before needing repairs/replacement?

Once the space has been allocated and the building structure has been built either by yourself or hired help, you can then install the bar itself and any outdoor furniture and decor that you might desire.

If you use a prefabricated bar:

Prefabricated bars come in many shapes, sizes and configurations; they weigh less but cost more than building your own from scratch, depending on what materials are used to construct them. If you choose to purchase one of these as opposed to having someone else build it for you there is no further work involved unless it is not delivered complete (and even then all you have to do is assemble the various pieces).

However, before purchasing a prefabricated backyard bar it would be prudent to consider whether or not this will fit into your home without removing walls or other large portions of the house. These bars also come with various features (increasingly) like refrigerators, sinks, ice bins, etc.; you will need to buy someone to install this for you if necessary, or else it is up to you to do that yourself before ever being able to use your backyard bar.

If you choose a full-service option:

In some cases, it would be more cost-effective and time-saving in the long run to hire a company to construct a backyard bar for you completely from scratch – especially if this is going to be a permanent fixture of your home. In these cases, they will demolish whatever area needs removing, make sure the wiring is done correctly, build the structure from the foundation upwards and then finally complete all finishing touches such as painting and decorating.

In most cases a prefabricated bar is far more cost-effective, easier, and faster to construct if you have the space for it in your backyard; although full-service bars are also very easy to get up and running after the initial construction costs are paid off – sometimes even cheaper than buying all materials yourself (if you hire someone else to do this for you).

4) Furniture & Decor

Finally, depending on whether or not you’re building an outdoor bar that’s enclosed or open there will be different types of furniture needed to allow both protection from the elements, but also give customers somewhere suitable to sit while they drink their beer/cocktails, etc. Most people choose plastic furniture which is lightweight and easily moved around. However, there is also the option of more expensive and attractive wood furniture if you choose to do this.

5) Additional Costs

After purchasing or constructing your new backyard bar it may be necessary to purchase certain additional items such as decals for advertising (decorative and/or functional), glassware and shakers, etc. Depending on how often you plan on hosting parties and the like these will eventually need to be replaced/repaired; some cheaper than others depending on what materials they were made from in the first place. Although most owners simply will purchase new ones by default if they break too many glasses over time – even if their previous replacements cost them just a few dollars per piece at most. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend, what personal preference is and how often your backyard bar will be used.

The total cost for building a backyard bar is the combined sum of all expenses, including materials and labor. Depending on what type of bar you want to build- whether it be an enclosed space or if it’s open-air with furniture and decor – will determine your final costs. If you’re looking at getting someone else to do this work for you then we advise considering hiring a full-service company that can take care of everything from demolition to installation; in most cases, they’ll even come out cheaper than buying the materials yourself. All around the total cost for building a Backyard Bar from scratch should come around $12,000; for which you’ll receive up to $25,000 of bar equipment (depending on the specific type) and all labor costs. However, if you like doing things yourself then materials will come in much lower- only around half the total sum at most.

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