What is the Cost of Pool Tile Replacement? How long will it take?

What are pool tiles?

Pool tiles are used as covers that cover the pool’s walls. Pool tiles are different from regular tiles because they have a special coating that protects the pool water from leaking into the pool. These tiles can be damaged by chemicals or by the physical impact that decreases their aesthetic appearance and might also leak pool water. Pool tile replacement is really important. Pool tiles are expensive to replace, but their replacement is necessary for the safety of people who use the pool.

What is pool tile replacement?

When pool tiles become worn and chipped, it’s time to replace them. Some people choose to complete this tile replacement themselves, whereas others hire a professional pool tile installer to finish the job for them. Pool tile replacement can be done by a professional but you can also do this yourself.

Pool tile prices vary according to the size and type of tile and where you live.

How often do pool tiles need replacement?

How often pool tiles need to be replaced varies on the tile type, how much use it’s getting, and how well it was laid when it was first installed. Pool tile replacement can be done as soon as small cracks appear or you might not need to replace the pool tiles for 5 years or more. Natural stone like marble or granite used in upscale pools might never need replacement whereas ceramic pool tiles could fail every few years. Ceramic is the most common pool tile type but it’s also the cheapest and the most easily replaced.

 Factors that influence the price of the tile replacement

  • There are several factors that influence the price of tile replacement:
    • the number of tiles involved in replacing pool tiles;
    • the type of material used to make the tile;
    • the type of the pool;
    • whether it is a custom pool or not.

What is the cost of pool tile replacement?

Tile replacement depends on the size and type of tiles. On average, tile prices range from $10 to $40 per square foot. If you need to replace more than 10% of the pool tiles, it’s time for a full tile replacement.

Your pool tile repair costs could increase if you need to hire a professional pool tile installer. For example, some pool tile installers charge $25 per hour and they must also factor in the cost of equipment like their tools and replacement materials.

What is the average cost?

Tile replacement is not something you can do yourself fully and is probably best left to a professional pool tile installer. Pricing starts at $10 per square foot for natural stone tiles like marble or granite, about $12 to 15 for ceramic, and over $15 for porcelain tiles. Ceramic is the cheapest but also more easily damaged by pool chemicals.

On average, pool tile replacement costs $10 to $25 per square foot. It might seem steep but consider the cost of installing pool tiles yourself with grout and caulk.

  • self-installation could set you back over $100
  • if you hire a professional tile installer, expect them to charge around $20 per hour.

What are the extra costs?

An estimate on how much it will cost to replace your tiles is not set in stone; it will vary depending on the condition of the tile, whether you’re using ceramic or natural stone tiles, and your geographical location.

  • if you choose to hire a pool tile installer, it will depend on their hourly rate
  • installing new tiles might require extra tools like concrete anchors, grout release spray, etc.

Are pool tiles under warranty?

No, but the warranty only covers the original installation, not any repairs or replacements done later.

  • make sure to check your tile warranty when you purchase pool tiles, the warranty could impact how soon you need to replace them.

What are the costs for self-installation?

  • Your pool tile replacement cost does not end with the purchase of new tiles.
  • You might need to buy grout (this will depend on your tile size and the type of grout you use),
  • Grout release spray ( grout release spray prevents the pool tile grout from sticking to your pool tiles. ),
  • Masking tape (use masking tape on all edges of the inside and outside of the pool or spa for easier removal), and
  • Caulk (buy a caulk gun, sealant, silicone, and latex caulk for your pool tile replacement project). Purchase concrete anchors to prevent the new pool tiles from popping up when you don’t want them to.

Don’t forget about the extras!

  • You will also need tools like a hacksaw, notched trowel, grout float, rubber grout sponge, and a sponge.
  • A grout saw is a water-fed tile drill that’s faster but more costly.
  • A notched trowel is used to spread the tile adhesive onto the pool tiles or substrate surface. The notches make it easier for you to smooth out your pool tiles once they’re in place.
  • You need a grout float to spread the pool tile adhesive over the pool tile’s surface. It’s essential for getting a smooth finish with even pressure distribution.
  • Use a rubber grout sponge to wipe away the excess adhesive from your new pool tiles and the surrounding surface. The best method is by using gentle, back and forth motions instead of pressing too hard.
  • Invest in a sponge to keep your pool tiles clean during the tile installation process.

What should you do before starting?

Anytime you take on a tile replacement project, it’s important to prepare for it ahead of time, especially if you’re replacing more than 10% of the tile area. Make sure you have masking tape ready to cover all your pool tiles before applying the tile adhesive. You’ll also need buckets or containers for mixing and soaking your new pool tiles in water before installation.

How long does it take?

Tile replacement is time-consuming depending on how many pool tiles you’re replacing. The process might take a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on how many tiles you need to replace.

  • The tile replacement process can last from two days to two weeks.
  • If you have a large pool or spa, it might take over a week.

What will happen to my pool tiles after I replace them?

After you’ve replaced your pool tiles, the next step is to remove the masking tape and grout release spray. For an easier time removing them, try heating up the adhesive with a hairdryer. Don’t forget to clean off any excess grout before it dries out. Avoid contact with pool tile adhesives for at least 24 hours after you’ve applied them.

Are there any other safety concerns?

  • Always wear protective clothing and eyewear when handling pool chemicals and tile replacement. Gloves and safety glasses should be worn at all times, even when you’re just swimming in your pool.
  • Handle pool chemicals with care.
  • Always wear protective clothing and eyewear to protect yourself from harmful chemicals and dangerous tile removal accidents.
  • The most common injuries are cuts from using a grout saw or the sharp edge of the pool tile replacement. Be careful of falling debris during removal.
  • Cuts are the most common injuries with tile replacement.
  • Be careful of falling debris during tile removal.


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