13 Treehouse Things and Decorations To Make It Look Cool

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Treehouses are fun and can be even more fun if you add cool things inside them. Cool things to add to your treehouse could be found anywhere, and it doesn’t matter if the treehouse is for kids or adults. Cool things do not have to include a lot of money, creativity knowledge, and skills can make your treehouse very cool too. They won’t only make the treehouse more fun but can also inspire you with ideas for designs. These are simple ways that can help you to make your treehouse much cooler.

Follow A Theme

One of the best ways to make your treehouse more fun is by adding a theme. Cool things to add to your treehouse could be anything that would fit the theme you chose for your treehouse. You can choose anything like making a pirate-themed treehouse, then having skull and crossbones flags, swords, and treasure chests can give it an authentic look. Another example would be if you want to make a space-themed treehouse, then having solar system decorations, astrology charts, or writings about aliens could help spruce up the place.

Platforms And Bridges

Adding platforms and bridges to your treehouse is a great way to make it look more interesting. You can build small platforms on one side of the treehouse or on top of having a bridge connecting all platforms together. Sometimes it is a good idea to connect the platforms with a small bridge so children can access big branches from which they can climb up to the treehouse.

If you have a favourite place in your backyard, this is probably a good place for building a platform so you can build there your future treehouse. It does not have to be an official platform, just a raised level of ground that would separate well between surrounding grass or garden and where it will be easy to add beams for constructing your elevated deck.

If you want to build a bigger structure, you should consider hiring professionals because usually, bigger projects require more time and precision when putting everything together.

Climbing Plants

Treehouses are usually built in the trees, and the best way to enhance that experience is by adding climbing plants. You can plant ivy along the walls of your treehouse; it will look much cooler than just plain brick walls. These climbing plants can be found anywhere, even at home if you have a garden too. Climbing plants will make your treehouse look like it’s actually growing on a tree.

Add A Flag Pole

If you have a flag pole, it can be great for your treehouse because it will give the whole thing a more official look. You may not want to fly an official flag, but at least you can add some cool flag on top of your treehouse. If you know someone who is good with sewing and arts, then maybe they would help you make some cool flags.

Another option would be to look on the internet for different templates or designs that could inspire you and later design something unique on your own. If you want to be creative, this is one of those fun things that can really help to make your treehouse even better!

In case there are other people living in the same neighbourhood as yours, especially children, then painting some colours that would contrast with the environment is a good way to make your treehouse look more unique. It might take some time but will be totally worth it!

Add Some lightweight furniture.

Lightweight furniture can be a great addition because it will give you more options for sitting and relaxing. You can design your treehouse so there would be enough room to add some chairs and tables.

You could also paint them in different bright colours so they would stand out and look cool on the background of wild nature surrounding your backyard.

Sometimes adding some simple decorations can really change the look of your treehouse, so it is a good idea to add some lights or lanterns. Sometimes these small things make a huge difference, and you would be surprised with how much adding a few wind chimes, flowers, potted plants could transform the whole place.

Add Some Amazing Lightings

Lighting will give your tree house a much cosier look, so adding some lamps or chandeliers is a great idea. You could even add a few candles just for the occasion because they are not only safe but also beautiful and they can give any surrounding a magical atmosphere! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles of lighting because sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

If you are working with lighting, make sure all the power supply you use is completely safe and ensure that the treehouse you build is in a place where it will not cause any damage to you or anyone else.

Add A Tarp/ Logo

Adding a Logo or even just a tarp to your treehouse can add an entirely new dynamic when it comes to showing off your creation to others. You could easily take some pictures of your own when you’re up there and show them off on social media.

You don’t necessarily need some awesome branding, but adding something like a cool tarp would be awesome! If you are working with Canopies, make sure all openings are properly sealed, so rain doesn’t get inside the tarp. Be careful with fire as well because tarps are very flammable.

If you don’t want to invest in a tarp, then show your friends what you did and how it’s done! They will probably be excited about it and will help you work on it if they know anything about carpentry, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Add A Swing Seat

Adding a swing seat to your treehouse can be very helpful and fun because it makes you feel like a kid again! Kids love swings, so why wouldn’t adults love them as well? There are lots of different designs available on how to make a swing for your chosen location, but it will surely add an additional point of interest and comfort.

The swings that require ropes aren’t safe, and they shouldn’t be used at all. The safest way is to use chains and wood beams which should hold the weight without any problem.

Build Some Extra Seating Space

If you’re going to build some seating space, then it might as well be bean bags or something similar because not only are they very comfortable, but also easy to make and super fun.

You can get some free cloth or fabric that’s of good enough quality, cut it into pieces and sew the pieces together to make bean bags for your treehouse if you don’t know how to do this by yourself, then watch videos on youtube about making them because they are actually really easy to make.

Add A Bird House

Building a birdhouse is not only really simple but can also be very helpful for nature. Some treehouses have small platforms that could serve as birdhouses, and this would actually be great due to the fact that birds are beneficial for all plants in your garden because they spread seeds around.

If you don’t like the idea of building one yourself, then buy one at the store, but make sure it’s safe because baby birds can fall out of their nests sometimes. If you want to build your own birdhouse, you should follow specific measurements, cut the wood into pieces (preferably round shapes), or even buy pre-cut ones and decorate them however you like!

Add Some String Lights

String lights are great because not only can they lighten up your area, but they also give it a romantic look! You could even use them for special occasions like birthdays or weddings. 

If you’re working with this kind of lighting, then make sure the place is safe and do not put any candles on the treehouse! If there are windy days, it might be better to keep them inside until the weather gets warmer.

If you don’t have string lights at home, you should go get some, but if time isn’t something you have in abundance, then just go to Pinterest or google “DIY Tree House Lighting” and look for ideas! There are loads of cool tutorials out there that will show you how to make awesome lighting for your treehouse.

Use Radium Paint

Using radium paint is great because it glows in the dark! There are lots of different types of them, and they will not only make your treehouse look cool, but you can also use these lights to find your way through the garden when there isn’t any light.

The most commonly used colour for this type of paint is green because it’s most easily seen in darkness. If you’re using white radium paint, then it has to be charged with sunlight or UV light before or during the day, and then you can use it at night.

If you don’t know how to use paint like that, then visit your local hardware store and ask for help. They will surely know what you’re looking for. If you don’t like the idea of using radium paint, then use regular lights, which are powered by electricity.

Add A Tree House Phone Booth

This is very easy to make, and it’s actually fun because who doesn’t want to build their own phone booth? You can also place this cool DIY project near your main entrance or somewhere high up the treehouse to show it off! There are lots of different designs available online, but remember to keep it secure for children because they will surely spend much time “working” in there if they see it!

It would be best if you tried visiting Pinterest or google images to find some inspiration for your new Treehouse Phone Booth.

Make Your Own Stairs If You Can

Building stairs is not really hard, and some stairs designs are very cool looking, which makes them perfect for any treehouse! All shapes, colours, and materials are available online, so you can choose whatever suits your garden best. All you need to remember is that you will need to make sure they are safe, look nice and fit with your treehouse design.

If you don’t want to build them yourself, then buy some pre-made ones or order them online, but be careful with the measurements because not every design of stairs fits for every treehouse!

Add An Outdoor Shower

This would be perfect for summer days when it’s really hot outside, and kids would love it too if they could shower outside (surely there are lots of birds around who like taking a bath in garden hoses). Everything can be found at stores which makes this DIY project fairly easy to accomplish. All you have t do is attach the outdoor shower head to an electrical adapter which can be placed inside the treehouse or in nearby furniture.

Using an outdoor shower is much simpler than having to leave your treehouse to take a bath because many people have issues with finding enough water pressure when showering outside. Also, you would need to worry about all ants and insects that could be in there during hot days! 

Treehouses can be a lot of fun, but they’re even better when there is a cool theme. Whether the treehouse is for kids or adults, you can make it more exciting by adding in some ideas that are outside the box and not your typical items like pillows and blankets. If you’re creative, then there are lots of ways to make the treehouse special. You can even go outside the box and add in some games, toys, or other fun stuff which are meant for inside the house.

If you plan to spend your time in there, take at least some necessary items like electrical adapters, a mini-fridge, and maybe even a laptop.

Use your imagination and have fun with it!

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