Children’s rock climbing wall in the backyard

My kids love rock wall climbing and I enjoy watching them reach further than they ever have before. Rock climbing is a sport that requires strength, coordination, speed, endurance, and mental agility. The physical part of rock climbing is what we do as adults when we climb mountains or rocks.

It is also an important life skill for children to learn about their bodies. They will feel the weight of each move on their arms and legs. They will experience muscle fatigue and will learn how to regulate their breathing. They will gain confidence in themselves and begin to understand things like balance and equilibrium.

While there are many different types of rock walls, most have three basic parts: hand-holds, foot-holds, and a top anchor.

Backyard Rock Wall for kids

The backyard has many options for building a rock wall. It can be a simple structure built by using 2x4s with bolts set into the tops for anchors. Or it could be something more elaborate. A good option would be a series of parallel 2 x 4s bolted together creating a framework. This allows you to build outwards from the base. When building these types of rock walls, make sure your kids know where the wall meets the ground so they don’t fall off.

You may need to purchase rock climbers to assist you while building this sort of wall. You may find some at local sporting goods stores.

Tools Required:

For those who want to construct their own rock wall, here is a list of materials and tools that you will need.

1. Two-level planks (2×6) – two levels high and one level wide.

2. Bolts/nuts – Use a nut to hold the bolt in place. Bolts come in various sizes depending on the size of the hole in which they are placed.

3. Drill

4. Screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver

5. Hammer

6. Sandpaper

7. Nails

8. Scissors/wire cutters

9. Tape measure

10. Countersink drill bit

11. Clamp

12. Pencil

13. Carabiners

14. Chalk line

15. Safety glasses

16. Rubber gloves

17. Eye protection

18. Helmets

19. Measuring tape

Materials Required for a kid’s rock climbing wall

  1. Rope

2. Wooden lumber board

3. Screws 

4. Carriage bolts (to secure boards together).

5. Washers (to prevent screws from loosening)

6. Locking nuts 

7. J bolts (to secure carabiner to wood).

If you choose to use concrete blocks for your kids’ rock wall, you should drill holes in the middle of the block to allow water drainage.

How to Build a Kids’ Rock Climbing Wall

Step 1: Layout your frame

Start by laying out your frame. You’ll want to start with the center point of the wall and work outward from there. For a four-foot-tall wall, start with two 6-foot long planks. To determine where each plank should go, measure down 3 feet and mark the spot with chalk. Then measure 18 inches down from that marking and draw a line perpendicular to the first line. Repeat this process until you’ve marked all four sides of the wall.

Step 2: Mark the frame

Once you have determined where each plank should go on the wall, you can mark the positions of the other pieces. Start measuring down from the center point and marking the position of the next plank. Once you have all four sides marked, connect the marks using straight lines. Next, add another straight line across the end of the wall. Make sure that both ends of the wall are equally spaced apart.

Step 3: Cut the lumber

Once you’re satisfied with your layout, it’s time to cut the lumber. Using a circular saw, cut along the dotted lines to create the individual planks. If you don’t have access to a circular saw, then you can also use an angle grinder to do the job. The circular saw cuts faster, but the angle grinder gives better results.

Step 4: Attach the planks

Using a carpenter’s square as a guide, attach the planks to the frame using deck screws. Once all of the planks are attached, fill any gaps between the planks with wood filler.

Step 5: Add accessories

Now that you’ve created your frame, it’s time to add accessories like rails, rings, and ladders to your climbing wall. Depending on what type of climbing wall you decide to build, you may need to acquire additional items such as ropes and carabiners.

Attachments for Kids’ Rock Climbing Walls

There are several different ways that you can customize a kids’ rock climbing wall. Here are three popular methods.

• Ropes – Some people prefer to use rope instead of wood to make their walls more durable. This is especially true if they will be climbing on the wall often.

• Ladders – Another way to improve durability is to add ladders to the top of the wall. These ladders help kids navigate the wall easier.

• Rings – Some people like to use rings to hang things from the wall. This makes it easy to store extra gear or even hang toys.

Indoor Climbing Walls for Kids

If you may not have enough space outdoors, you can create a kid-friendly indoor climbing wall. There are many options when it comes to creating an indoor climbing wall. One option is to purchase a set of foam blocks at the local hardware store. Simply place these blocks together and secure them with tape.

Another option is to buy preassembled foam panels. These panels come in various heights and widths and usually include a number of holes in which to drill anchor bolts. Drill a hole into each block before attaching the panel to the wall. You can also find foam panels online. Many companies sell complete sets of foam panels that fit together perfectly. With some planning, you can easily put together a custom climbing wall inside your house.

How do I make sure the setup is sturdy enough?

Make sure that you install the support beams properly. You want to ensure that the beam does not flex under pressure. It should feel rigid when you touch it. Also, they should be level and parallel to one another.

What kind of safety equipment should I get?

Safety equipment can vary depending on the age group and skill level of your child. The most basic piece of safety equipment would probably be a helmet. Other than helmets, there are many other types of protective gear including wrist guards, knee pads, gloves, and elbow pads.

What about the safety aspect?

Kids should always climb safely. They must know how to fall safely. As soon as they start climbing, teach them how to fall correctly so there are no injuries. Keep a first aid kit nearby if they get hurt.


Building a kids’ climbing wall doesn’t require much effort. All you need is a bit of creativity, determination, and patience. If you follow our detailed instructions, you’ll end up with a safe, fun, and customized kids’ climbing wall in no time!

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