What to do when your Backyard Smells like Dog Poop?

As dog owners, we are aware that dog poop is a part of life. However, dog poop does not have to be smelly or unsightly. Many dog owners find themselves with dog poop odors in their backyard whether it’s because of the hot summer weather or their dog likes digging holes. Although there are many reasons your backyard may smell like dog poop, here are some tips for getting rid of dog poop odors. If your backyard smells like dog poop, there are a couple of simple steps you can take to clear the air. Clean poop from the yard with a shovel and a poop picker-upper tool to reduce the dog’s backyard smell like dog poops.

backyard smelling like dog poop

Check for Illnesses

The first thing that dog owners may want to do is check their dog’s stools for signs of illness. If dog poop is leaking, it could be a sign of diarrhea, and dog owners should keep their dog away from the backyard for at least 24 hours.

If dog poop is runny, dog owners should take one look at the dog’s stool to see if there are any signs of worms or parasites.

If dog owners suspect that their dog may have worms, they should take the dog to a veterinarian for treatment. If poop is leaking through or around the dog’s anus, dog owners should use an “enema” to get rid of the dog poop stuck in its anal cavity. Dogs who have recently been wormed or have eaten something harmful will often pass large clumps of smelly stool while they are outside in the yard. If these symptoms present themselves, make an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Change the Diet / Routine

Next, change your dog’s diet and/or daily routine. Sometimes a dog will develop a preference for one place over another when going to the bathroom because it provides more comfort or ease. If dog owners have been feeding their dog from a dog food bowl, they may want to consider placing the dog’s food in a dog treat ball or another toy that can be filled with kibble.

If dog owners have been using the same area of the backyard for years to let their dogs out, they should try changing it up and going elsewhere. Dog owners should scold their dogs in the backyard if dog feces are found in areas other than dog potty areas.

If this happens, consider changing what time your dog eats its food and/or how often it is taken outside to eliminate.

Exercise More / Less

If dog owners find that their dog is defecating excessively, they should take the dog for additional walks or exercise sessions to help avoid future dog pooping accidents. However, dog owners should not exercise a dog to the point of exhaustion. If dog poop is leaking during or after a dog’s exercise session, dog owners should consider reducing the dog’s daily exercise.

If dog owners notice that their dog is going to the bathroom outside of its potty area, they may want to decrease the amount of time that it spends in the backyard. This may lead dog owners to keep their dogs inside more often or restrict dog access to certain areas of the house.

Take Them Out for a Walk

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Another possible dog poop problem that dog owners may face is having a dog that won’t go outside. Some dogs find it psychologically distressing to be taken out of the house, even if they’ve been trained from an early age to do their business outside. In these cases, dog owners should make a mental note of what time of day their dog is the most relaxed around other people, and take him or her out at that time.

Also, dog owners should provide dogs with dog grass to avoid dog poop smell in their backyard. Dog grass is a special type of grass for dogs so they don’t have to use real grass which can be dangerous for them if eaten while playing outside. Dog grass is easy to maintain and dog owners should provide dogs with dog grass for poop smell.

Dog Walker

If you are unable to maintain your backyard because of dog poop then consider hiring a dog walker or dog sitter to take your dog for walks at least twice daily. This will help the dog owner avoid any accidents, as well as decrease poop, smells that may be coming from dog feces left in the yard.

If dog poops, dog walkers should clear it after the dog is done to avoid the dog’s accident on grass which can cause the dog’s soil to smell like dog poop. It is also good for dogs’ health because the dog needs fresh air and sunlight to make their body healthy.

In addition, dog poop smells bad and dog walkers should take the dog’s stool from the dog’s yard to avoid the dog’s backyard smelling like dog poop. This means dog walkers should collect the poop with a pooper scooper or similar tool to prevent a dog from eating it by accident because dogs can see their own feces as play toys.

Grass for a Thought

If your dog likes to eat grass and then void its bowels, consider the type of grass that your dog prefers and plant a new garden or patch. This will make it easier to clean dog poop because dog grass is softer and typically less time-consuming than other types. You can also take care not to let your dog eat too much grass so they do not become too full for their usual food allotment later in the day.

Time for Professional Help!

If you’ve tried all these different methods and your backyard still smells like dog poop, it’s time to call a professional pet waste removal service to help with the cleanup. Most dog experts recommend this as an important part of dog ownership and something that should be done at least once every month or two during heavy use times like spring and fall.

Most dogs find that their yards smell better and their dog owners have a much nicer backyard when dog waste is regularly removed from the dog area.

What is Dog Poop Composting?

If your dog’s stools are healthy and normal, the dog owner may want to take a look at what dog poop composting is. Dog poop composting is a method in which dog owners place dog feces directly into their compost pile – without worrying about odors or contamination. This allows dog owners to recycle dog feces by using it as raw material for gardening soil or fertilizer, essentially giving back to nature while decreasing landfill waste.

By utilizing dog poop composting techniques, pet owners can go green and reduce smells in their backyard all at once!


Additional tip:

If dog poop is the problem, dog poop is the answer.

Mix one cup of dog poop with ten parts water in a spray bottle and spritz directly onto the smelly areas. The smell will dissipate within minutes!

Replacing smelly bulbs can also help your backyard smell better. Replace them with vanilla-scented bulbs.


Hopefully, your dog feels better soon and your yard smells better soon!

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