9 Best Backyard Quarantine Birthday Ideas

backyard birthday parties during quarantine

Quarantined? No Problem!

It’s not always easy to plan a birthday party, especially if you’re trying to keep it small and simple. Unfortunately, Corona Virus has made things more complicated for those looking forward to celebrating their special day with loved ones. But there are still plenty of ways to have a great time as long as certain precautions are taken. Have your backyard party without worrying about getting sick or breaking quarantine rules! Here are ten Quarantine Backyard Birthday ideas that will make the celebration feel like anything but Quarantined:

1) Invite friends and family over for an indoor BBQ cookout and picnic-style food buffet (make sure they know the date is subject to change if Quarantine is lifted!):

What could be more inviting than the smell of outdoor cooking drifting through the air? Quarantined or not, every backyard birthday needs to have some kind of barbecue. You can’t go wrong with burgers and hot dogs, but you should also try out any other recipes that suit your fancy. For those who are Quarantine-conscious, stay away from raw meat and seafood dishes. This will avoid the risk of cross-contamination which could spread Corona Virus Quarantine.

Here’s a quick little guide on how to Organize a barbecue in the backyard.

  • Have the grill near a table with chairs and food.
  • Put out some drinks like soda and water and plates and napkins.
  • Take out some hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, veggie burgers, buns for sandwiches, french fries, corn on the cob.
  • Make sure there is enough for everyone to eat.

2) Enjoy a Quarantine Backyard Birthday brunch with the family:

Round the table and enjoy some conversation, or leave room for dancing! The whole house can be an open space to play games and celebrate life together. Before you start making the food, decide what kind of brunch you want. You can have a Quarantine-friendly menu or a regular one. Your choice! Try something different from your everyday breakfast menu by adding some fruit salad, yogurt, cereal, and toast to your buffet table. You can also try some other healthy breakfast recipes that are perfect for birthdays.

3) Throw a backyard bonfire birthday party completely with S’mores, ghost stories, and games:

For those who aren’t big on cooking their own food, you should consider having other foods ready to be cooked over the open fire. You can make hot dogs or hamburgers this way if you don’t want to do too much work in preparing the meal. If you’re looking for something more interesting than plain old sandwiches, why not make some amazing S’mores?

S’mores are fun because it’s easy to mix things up if you have picky eaters. Try adding fruit like strawberries or bananas for a different twist on your favorite summertime dessert. You can also add some crushed-up chocolate cookies or graham crackers to the top for a different texture. Roasting marshmallows is always a hit with kids and adults alike, but there are other ways to enjoy S’mores too!

4) Play backyard Quarantine Twister:

Remember playing Twister when you were younger? It was always a family-friendly game that tested your coordination in addition to getting everyone laughing in the end. Why not try it in your own backyard instead of in a cramped living room? All you need is a clear area outside to set up the mat and have fun recreating memories from your childhood. You can even spice things up by playing it yourself! No one has got to know…

Twister is a game that consists of colored circles on the ground arranged in a pattern, which are then spun around to have people take turns putting their hands and feet on the board to match the colors. The objective is to avoid having people’s toes or hands fall outside of the color zone next to them or each other. It’s a great party game for those who don’t want the fuss of making their own food and just having fun instead.

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5) Take a leisurely walk with your guests in the backyard until you reach…the garden maze.

The best part about having a Quarantine-friendly party outside is that you can enjoy some fresh air while also bringing back memories of long ago. Parents, take this time to bond with your kids by teaching them how to solve mazes or listening to their stories. Kids, be sure to keep an open mind and give yourselves some time before giving up on finding the way out! You might stumble upon something interesting if you stay patient enough.

6) Have your friends guess how many jellybeans are in the jar:

How many jelly beans are in this jar? Count along while everyone tries to guess, but make sure it’s loud enough for everyone to hear. The person who guesses the correct number of jellybeans wins, while everyone else has to watch in awe. Not only will you be able to enjoy some delicious food after this game, but it’ll also bring back memories of your childhood! Games like these have a nice little way of bringing nostalgia to the table in a fun way.

7) Capture the flag:

Capture the flag is an outdoor party game that you can play when it’s warm outside, or during any season when you have a nice day to spare. It might be a little difficult to find large flags in stores since this pastime has been around for years, but if your group doesn’t mind using handkerchiefs instead of real flags than there’s no problem! Instead of two teams working against each other like most games of capture the flag, try having all of your guests on one team instead. This will reduce tension and misunderstandings since everyone is cooperating with each other at all times. It gives everyone more opportunities to participate as well, so it’ll be more enjoyable for everyone involved.

8) Test out your abilities with some Quarantine-friendly and non-food challenges:

Everyone loves a good challenge and puzzles are quite popular right now. Why not create one yourself? All you need is something like a big box or basket and then label each player’s teammates as “bamboo” or “wood.” You can then draw or print out pictures that correspond to the cards you made and place them inside the container. everyone has been assigned their roles, it’ll be time to make the bamboo puzzles! Your guests can take turns seeing how many they can solve in five minutes. It’s a nice way to get everyone involved with some challenges that are more Quarantine-friendly too, so don’t worry about ruining your dinner or any other plans you might have had.

9) Have the Quarantine Backyard Birthday celebration in the swimming pool:

Get everyone together for underwater games, or just lie back and enjoy floating around above the bubbles. You can even buy inflatable rubber duckies to fraternize with the birds overhead. Just remember to play safe, especially if anyone is pregnant or diabetic, so no dunking is allowed!

A way to ensure that this Backyard Birthday celebration in the swimming pool is safe for everyone (and for you) is ensuring that all of your guests are healthy and disease-free before entering the Backyard.

The best ways to ensure that your backyard Quarantine birthday celebration is safe for everyone (and you!) are ensuring all of your guests are healthy and disease-free before entering the Backyard. You can also play games or just enjoy floating around above the bubbles in a swimming pool! Games like capture the flag, where no one will be dunked into water, might even be more appropriate during this time than they would otherwise. If all else fails, take advantage of some other options available at home such as board games or cards with friends–you never know what little memories might come up when playing these nostalgic activities!

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