8 Fun Backyard games with no equipment required!

Fun Backyard Games

Do you love fun backyard games? Do you hate lugging around huge bags of equipment to have fun in your backyard? When the excitement of playing video games has faded, it’s time to get outside in the backyard. There are tons of fun things you can do in your backyard that don’t require any equipment.

Here are eight fun backyard games without equipment for you or your kids to enjoy

Kick The Can

If you have a large backyard, then Kick the Can is fun for kids and adults. The objective of the game is to race around hiding or finding your hidden teammate before your opponent finds you. This is one of the most fun backyard games that work well with 4 kids or more.


Tape a long piece of ribbon or rope on the ground for players to walk around as if they are going in a circle around it with one half being the head and the other half being the tail. Each player takes turns choosing who will be “it” by tapping them lightly on either shoulder with both players having their backs touching together facing opposite directions away from each other at all times.

Once this is done, “it” tries to tap another person moving backward but touching next to another person without stepping out of line. If successful, “it” has turned into a snake and can move freely along its own body. If not, “it” is out of the game. The last person left touching wins.

Don’t Shake The Tree

Make three or more trees out of tree stumps or something sturdy that can hold up the weight of players sitting on top of it. Mark an “X” about six inches away from each tree for players to step in-between at their own risk because this is where the fun begins. The trees are placed side by side with enough space between them to walk around them without touching any part of another player’s body while holding hands, arms, legs, etc… (anything but feet).

Players must take turns walking around the trunks while their partners try to get closer and closer until they get one handshaking all three handholds at once! If successful, the other team must get up and the shaking team can sit down. If not, the shaking team has to get up and the other team gets a chance at it.

Train Tracks

Use chalk to draw a straight line connecting two trees about three feet above the ground. Then, create another “track” seven inches away from the first one so there are four lanes total. Each player has to take turns rolling their ball down the first lane so it lands in or bounces off of one of the other lanes including the middle lane.

If they are successful, they get to choose which direction their team must go to restart it again. The fun thing about this game is that you don’t have set rules for how people move around because players can pass each other at any turn!

Fun Backyard Games

Connect Four

All players need to line up in a straight line shoulder to shoulder standing at least five feet apart from each other while keeping their eyes closed.

One player starts off with opening their eyes and choosing a spot they think might make four by placing two fingers down on either side of their body which would be two spots away from themselves like left arm and left leg = 2; right arm and right leg = 4; left hand and left foot = 6; right hand and right foot = 8. If the spot was chosen was correct, that player must touch the shoulders of those around them otherwise they go to jail (must close their eyes and not open again until someone else makes eight).

Those who are touched by those in jail can get out by touching another person’s shoulder outside but if an incorrect number is guessed then you are both sent to jail. The fun goes on like this until somebody gets four in a row which is called “home” for anyone team while someone on the other team shouts “cat!” which means both teams put their hands up in front of them quickly to block their faces or necks depending on how tall they are from hitting anything because the home has been broken!

Hide And Go Seek

All players need to line up in a straight line facing the same way shoulder to shoulder about fifteen feet apart from one another. When “it,” says go, all players must find a good location that is far enough away from everyone else where they cannot be seen or heard and hide completely while keeping their eyes closed as those looking try to find them by saying things like: “I see you behind that tree over there!” or “You’re next to those rocks!”. You can even play this game in a treehouse and make your own rules.

Once hiding turns into seeing because hiding players can peek once in a while without being caught, they count slowly together silently until either everybody is found or it reaches 50 seconds whichever comes first.

Balloon Hunt

One fun way to play this simple backyard game is to use different colored balloons filled with water, all of which are tied together by the ends so they can’t fly away. The fun begins with one player blowing up each balloon and telling everyone else how many there are like: “I have three balloons” or “I have four balloons”. Each person will then hide their set of balloons somewhere in the yard without it being too easy or too difficult for them because this isn’t a competition to see who’s first.

This fun game is more about enjoying oneself while playing it rather than trying to beat others at it.

All players should make sure not to stay out of sight for too long but enough time to make things fun for everybody involved. Players can come back together to see who has the most balloons which player will bring the excitement back again.

Don’t Step On The Line

All players need to line themselves up shoulder to shoulder in a straight line facing the same direction with about two feet apart from one another while keeping their eyes closed. The fun begins when you say “go” and players must jump around in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion without stepping on any lines that might be drawn on the ground with chalk or string if preferred.

This is one of the most fun backyard games because players won’t step on the lines no matter how much enticing it is to do so. There are no boundaries for this fun backyard game so nobody can get hurt no matter how crazy they act which fun thing to do!

There are many fun things to do in the backyard which do not require any prior arrangements. All fun backyard games require little planning and simple materials and they’re good for all ages!

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