17 Relaxing and Enjoyable Backyard Activities to do with your dog!

Backyard Activities to do with your dog

One of the best ways to bond with your four-legged friend is backyard activities. Backyard activities for dogs are fun, safe and can make backyard playtime with your pup even more enjoyable. There are many backyard activities that you can do with your dogs, and we have come up with 17 backyard activities for dogs that will ensure a healthy and fulfilling relationship between you and your pooch!

1. Let them run around

The first activity is to let them run around and play or walk outside. This is a great way for dogs to get their exercise in as well as be social with other animals/people.

2. Play fetch

Another backyard activity that your dog might like is to play fetch with them. You can either use a toy or their favorite ball include playing ball, frisbee, etc. Dogs love the backyard because they feel like they are part of the family and so many activities can be done there that will keep your dog entertained for hours on end!

3. Training classes

They are another fun activity to partake in with your dog at home in your backyard! practice commands like sit, jump, play dead, etc. If you have kids, they can help out by being the ones who teach the puppies new tricks which is an interactive experience for everyone involved!

4 .Gardening

Many people plant vegetables or flowers in their backyard. Why not let your dog help with the growing process ? Dogs are smart and will understand that they can’t eat any of it. You can even plant specific things that your dog will enjoy like carrots or watermelon. If you have a garden, your dog can help out by pulling weeds and digging in the dirt.

5. Chew toys

You can also let them chew on chew toys and bones outside to their heart’s content! This is an especially fun activity when it is nice out and they can enjoy the sun while keeping entertained with cool stuff like rocks, sticks, etc.


If your backyard has a gazebo that has plenty of space, place some chairs around and use as a little outdoor reading nook for yourselves or your guests! Your dogs will love this space too because sometimes there are snacks involved too…which totally goes without saying!

7. Bathe them

Dogs love to be bathed so why not bathe them in the backyard? This gives them a chance to get dirty all over again or if their owners are tired of cleaning up the backyard after their dog has been in the backyard dirty, it’s a good way for them to clean themselves off!

8.Laying in the sun and digging around

Some other things your dog can do in the backyard that you might not have thought about are laying in the sun, digging holes in the ground, watch bugs go by, and playing with children or other animals in the area (if there are any).

9. Grilling out in the backyard

Grilling outside is a lot of fun to do as long as you make sure you don’t leave food lying around. We usually put all our meat on a plate and place it inside before cooking which often leaves us wondering what our dogs are doing when they keep running over to see what’s on the grill…but at least they’re keeping themselves entertained!

10. Hosting playdates for dogs

Another fun backyard activity is hosting a party for your friends and neighbors with pets and everyone could enjoy drinks, snacks, music, etc. All the pets can join in on the fun too by hanging out with everyone and being social or getting some love from everyone .

11. Play outdoor games

The backyard is also a good place to play games or do activities with your dogs that you might not be able to do in the house. Sometimes we will get out jump rope and see how many times our dogs can jump without tripping us and it definitely keeps them entertained and their little brains working.

12 .Show them some love

Dogs love love LOVING people! And what better way to make sure they know you love them back than by giving them some personalized treats in the backyard? This can be anything from a miniature ball with your dog’s name carved into it, peanut butter filled bones that are all their own, or even just regular old bones that you sign to let them know they’re special to you.

13 .Lay on the grass

Our dogs enjoy laying down in the grass and chewing on things like flowers still in their pots because plants are fun too! If you have plants outside, it might be fun for your dog to lie down next to them so everyone can enjoy each other’s company! This is really great if someone is gardening outside because it gives dogs something to do while you plant or weed.

14 . Pool party!

Having a fun time at the pool ! This could be really nice if you have a pool because your dog can float around in it comfortably and enjoy some fun time together. If you don’t have a pool, even just laying outside on the grass will do!

15. Hammock time!

Another fun backyard activity for dogs is laying in the hammock with their owner! Many people like to put up hammocks or swings that are meant for humans so they can relax outside too! If your dog is well-behaved, they might enjoy sitting there watching you hang out as long as they’re relaxed about it (obviously don’t force them).

16. Make home-made ice cream for hot summer days

Have another fun backyard activity for dogs that is especially fun in the spring or summer is making some homemade ice cream and enjoying it in the backyard! There are lots of recipes online, It’s a fun backyard activity for people and dogs alike!

17. Backyard picnic.

Lastly, our last backyard activity for dogs is having a backyard picnic !We usually only do this when the weather is nice because of course picnics are more fun outside! Even if you don’t have any food for your dog, they’ll still enjoy laying in the backyard next to you while you enjoy some good company.

There you go! These backyard activities for dogs should keep your furry friend entertained and happy, even when they’re home alone. Make sure to always supervise them while you’re doing these fun backyard activities in case anything happens though!

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