17 Fun Backyard Activities for Toddlers!

Fun backyard activities for toddlers mean fun ways to keep a toddler active and entertained. If you’re a parent or a guardian of a young child, you know how fun it can be when they run around outside! Unfortunately, they also want to wander, climb up stuff, and get into everything. One way to make sure your fun is safe is by adding fun backyard games for toddlers to your fun time outside.

These backyard activities for toddlers include fun, age-appropriate things that they can do on their own and fun things that you can do with them as well. Also, the backyard games for toddlers should be safe, meaning there’s very little chance of injury. It’s fun when you get to run and jump but backyard games for toddlers should be more fun activities that won’t turn fun into injury.

These are some of my children’s favorite games growing up, I hope your kids have fun with these too. If you have some fun games, let us know in the comments.

17 Fun Backyard Activites


All you need is a couple of buckets and sand. You can even get special sand toys that attach to the buckets so that it makes it even more entertaining for children! Make sandcastles or have fun just digging around. If you find this more fun than your toddlers do then fill up some big containers with sand and let them play inside too. But be sure to keep your mops handy too.

Water play

Get a small wading pool and fill it half with water. Add fun things like plastic bubble wands or cars. Some toddlers may not be ready to get their entire body wet, so this will still give them joy while keeping them safe from drowning!

Bubbles are always fun outside

As fun as bubbles are inside, there’s nothing fun about them being blown all over carpets and beds, so blowing bubbles outside is the better option! Children can chase bubbles around, try catching bubbles on their fingers, or just blow bubbles at each other.

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Fruity fun!

Cut up some fun shapes out of oranges, bananas, lemons, limes, etc. using cookie cutters or just using a knife and teach your toddlers to identify what they are and how to eat them! It will be a less messy game and a way to expand their taste palate.

Sidewalk chalk

You can get all sorts of fun-shaped chalk or even put it on a cookie sheet or a baking sheet so the chalk doesn’t get everywhere. Using fun-shaped stencils and templates etc, draw shapes on the sidewalk or driveway and let your toddler explore their creativity by painting the inside of them.

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Sprinkler fun

Toddlers can get soaked with this fun backyard activity for toddlers! Just make sure someone is watching closely as sprinklers could be too much fun and may cause toddlers to run into things or not be able to see where they are going.

Puddles party

This one requires a bit more safety supervision. However, fun things for toddlers to do in the backyard could include throwing rocks into a pond or making little floating boats out of sticks and leaves. Jumping in puddles can bring great joy.

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Finger paint is fun outside too.

If you want this to be more fun than messy, put down newspapers first so your toddlers don’t make too big of a mess. You can even find some special finger paints made especially for the outdoors!

Mini golf is fun for everyone!

Even your youngest toddlers can get in on the fun. Just make sure the golf clubs are safe for them and that they don’t try to eat the golf balls! Make sure there are no sharp objects around though as mini-golfing toddlers tend to not have good aim at their target.

Hose fun.

All you need is a hose and something your toddler can use to spray with. You can even provide fun things for toddlers to spray like funnels in interesting colors, bubbles, etc.

Pool party

The pool is fun for all ages! Get a baby pool or sprinkler that attaches to the hose and let your toddler have fun at home without worrying about drowning or getting hurt. As always though, supervision is required.

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Water balloon fun.

All you need are some water balloons, either filled by yourself or bought ready-to-go from your local supermarket. Grab some friends, the more the merrier. This fun backyard activity for toddlers may get messy but it will surely be an adventure!

Have a family picnic

Have a picnic in the backyard when it isn’t too hot outside. Try making your own joyful backyard activities for toddlers fun by layering a blanket with things like books, board games, toys, snacks, bubbles, etc.

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Trampoline fun!

Jumping around on the trampoline is fun for everyone! Just make sure there are no metal objects near as toddlers tend to use their feet more than their hands when they are learning to jump on the trampoline. Always keep an eye on them when they’re on a trampoline as they could fall off.

Bucket bug buddies!

This is one for toddlers who love animals because this fun game involves collecting bugs and putting them in buckets so that they can explore their animal homes! Make it more enriching by giving them magnifying glasses and bug picture books!

Dressing up is fun outside.

Toddlers can dress up as princesses or cowboys depending on what they want to be that day or even dinosaurs for the hour. If dressing up is fun, try making it fun outside by layering blankets on the ground to represent a big castle or funhouse or even a model show.

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Indoor game outside

A backyard activity for toddlers is to make a fun indoor game fun outside. Just find a fun board game and let the toddlers play inside with dry erase markers and pieces you can keep track of (it will get messy if you don’t use pieces that aren’t permanent). Then, simply put everything in a fun-sized plastic container and let the fun backyard activities for toddlers begin!

Bob for apples!

If you don’t know how to play this fun game, it is pretty simple. Take an apple and using kitchen utensils or fun-shaped cookie cutters, try to “bob” for the apple! Everyone takes turns trying to get their own apple out of a bowl of water without using their hands. This fun backyard activity for toddlers may require a second bowl of water and utensils if they start to feel too slippery. We recommend not playing for it with kids below 2 years of age.


For toddlers, imagination is their world. It is fun to watch them climb up the back of their homes or create a fun area for themselves. It is fun to see what they are going to come up with next.

Hey! Thank you for reading! Hope we helped you by making your time with kids an exciting one. Make sure to check out our post on Fun and Enjoyable Activities For Adults.

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