15 Small Pot Plants for your home- list

Plants as we know come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, but small pot plants create or add an extra glamour for beautification of your sweet home. They can be hard to find or list them down, but there is no need to worry because I have collected some of the most beautiful plants for you. We have a lot of choices to choose from such as; indoor plants, outdoor plants, hanging plants, houseplants, potted plants, container plants, ferns, succulents, cacti, etc.

Here’s our list for small pot plants:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used for centuries to heal wounds and burns. It is also a great plant to grow indoors or outdoors. You can use it as a houseplant or even as an ornamental plant. This succulent plant grows very quickly but its leaves wither when they get too big. To keep them growing strong, trim off the dead parts so only the healthy green parts remain.

Coffee plant

If you like drinking coffee this may be the best choice for you. Not only does it look good but it produces a high amount of caffeine. If you want to try growing one yourself then you should start with the coffee plant. They don’t require much space and they do well in containers. You need to water it once a week all year round.

English Ivy

This is another easy plant to grow. All you need to do is provide bright light and regular feedings and water. It would make a nice addition to any home. There are many varieties of ivy available today. You can hang them on your porch or wherever there is a place for abundant sunlight.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Figs are great for their looks but more importantly, they can help lower blood sugar levels. This makes them a perfect plant for diabetics who cannot take insulin injections. These figs produce fruits every year which means you can eat fresh figs anytime throughout the year.

Gerbera Daisy

These daisies are perfect for adding color to your home during springtime. They come in various shades and sizes which means you can pick the one that suits your room best. They also look good planted together in groups. They require little care and they are easy to grow.

Jade Plant

Jade plants are known to attract positive energy into our lives. If you feel sad or depressed then these jades will cheer you up! They are also known to cure insomnia. They are easy to take care of and they only require low-light conditions.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are easy to grow and maintain. Their unique shape allows them to thrive in almost any pot. They are ideal for people living in apartment complexes since they don’t require a whole lot of space. They also stay green throughout winter if you live somewhere cold.


Philodendrons are one of the easiest houseplants to grow. They require less than half the amount of sunlight that other plants need. That means you can easily grow philodendrons inside your home without straining your eyes. They are also easy to clean and they add beauty to your interior.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. They are perfect for people living in apartments since they can be placed anywhere. The spider plants are not just beautiful, they also help purify the air by absorbing harmful toxins from the environment.


Strelitzias are commonly grown as houseplants because of their stunning flowers. Strelitzias are not just pretty, they are also extremely easy to grow. You simply need to give them plenty of sunlight and fertile soil. They don’t require much maintenance either.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are easy to care for and they produce colorful flowers and leaves. They also have the ability to absorb bad odors. You can use snake plants to decorate your home and they won’t cost you too much money. Snake plants are also very easy to propagate.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are also called Zombie plants due to the fact that they appear dead at first. However, after waking up, they begin producing roots. ZZ plants are an excellent choice for people looking to grow a houseplant in small spaces.


They are also known as caladium and are easy to grow houseplants that love moisture. They make nice additions to indoor gardens or terrariums. Caladiums are available in a variety of colorful foliage patterns which include solid-colored leaves, striped leaves, variegated leaves, and mottled leaves.


Agaves are another type of plant that requires minimal watering. Like other cactus species, agaves produce large quantities of oxygen through their roots. Thus, they are excellent plants for desert areas. Although they take time to mature, they are worth the wait if you want to add a unique decorative element to your landscape.


Monstera is one of the easiest house plants to grow. It produces attractive red blooms all year round. In addition, it is hardy and tough enough to withstand light frost. What makes this plant even cooler is the fact that its blooming period extends into the summer months.

Final thoughts 

I think plants make any apartment or house a more pleasant place to live. If you have a small balcony, garden shed, or patio, these 15 plants will definitely improve the look and feel of your home. I hope this helped! Happy indoor gardening!

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