12 Awesome Animals you can keep in your Backyard Barn

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There are many animals that can be kept in a backyard barn. Backyard animals often provide their owners with companionship as well as food or fertilizer for the garden. Backyards also benefit from having some of these creatures around because they eat bugs and weeds that would otherwise reduce the beauty of your yard. This article will discuss some important information about what you need to know before bringing an animal into your home so you can make sure it’s right for both you and them.

Things to consider before keeping an Animal in your backyard barn


Some backyard barn animals are considered herbivores. These are the types of animals that eat only plants, not meat. They are all domesticated farm animals that were bred for food. Therefore, these creatures need to be contained within a small space with fencing so they don’t wander off into the wild where they would most likely become prey. Herbivores can provide you with eggs or milk depending on what type of animal it is, though not all types will produce either one of these products.

If you want to have livestock for making your own food then you should definitely consider getting a herbivore because they will most likely be cheaper to purchase or breed than other types of livestock such as pigs or cattle that are used mainly for meat.


Another type of animal that can be kept in backyard barns is called omnivores. These types of animals will eat both plants and meat, unlike herbivores who only eat plants. Some examples are dogs, cats, deer, and rabbits which all fall under the category of small mammals. The benefit to keeping these types of animals around is they will help control populations of other rodents such as mice or rats by eating them.

They will also protect your yard from being invaded by larger wild predators because they are territorial creatures, especially if you have a dog or cat. Owners have found that these creatures come to love their owners very much so it’s important to provide them with food, shelter, and companionship. Though, it’s important to remember that they need to be contained within fences like a herbivore because these creatures are also predatory. This means they can become a hazard if left unattended in your yard because they could potentially eat small animals such as a bird or your neighbour’s cat.


Lastly, there are creatures like horses that fall under the category of predators because they will eat either plants or meat. These types of animals aren’t commonly kept in backyard barns because they tend to make more noise than your average herbivore such as a chicken. Predators do not make suitable pets for children too young to know how to properly handle them, especially horses which can be very large animals. They require special care depending on what type you have so this information needs to be researched before bringing one into your backyard barn because some predators are illegal for people without certain permits.

Some examples are raccoons, lions, tigers and bears which are all large mammals that should only be handled by professionals when kept as pets because they are dangerous animals. You should also do some research if you plan to get a bird, reptile or fish because there are many types of each creature and not all of them make suitable pets for the average person.

In conclusion, which animal you choose to keep in your backyard barn depends on what type of pet you want and how much space is available. Now let’s look at the big list of amazing animals you can keep in your backyard barn!

List Of Animals/Birds You Can Keep In Your Backyard Barn


An adult hen can lay about 5 eggs per week and requires a coop and food and water dish along with straw or hay for nesting and warmth during winter months because they cannot survive cold climates. They tend to be quiet creatures whose eggs you can collect every day if they’re not in predator-proof fencing which should only include the top, sides and bottom of their enclosure to prevent them from getting out or predators such as dogs or cats from entering.

Chickens require special care like a herbivore would which includes cleaning their coop every few weeks but it’s important to remember that predators will eat them so you need to get a dog, cat or another type of predator which might require a professional permit depending on your location.


A goat can be an interesting backyard barn animal because they’re known to eat almost anything and some people use them as weed whackers without their owners getting angry because they’ll eat just about any vegetation including poison ivy or bushes that some dogs won’t.

They tend to love human attention so they make great pets but it’s important not to leave young children outside alone with a male goat because he could charge at anyone who he may think is a threat. The goat will eat almost anything but need hay, grass and water available daily if you expect them to survive a long period of time with proper nutrition.


A horse can be sold for around 1,000 dollars depending on its breed, size and age without requiring a professional permit but it’s important to remember that it should only be used by professionals for recreational purposes because of its strength. They can eat hay or grass all day with clean water available because unlike dogs, they cannot live off of dry food alone.


A cockatiel can be a fun pet animal in a backyard barn because unlike dogs and cats, they don’t require brushing their teeth or getting walked outside so you can still have an active lifestyle while owning one. They only need about 2 hours of attention each day with plenty of food available either on a perch or in a bird feeder so it’s safe to swallow and digest. They’re quiet pets that will sing when you come home from work but won’t bother anyone around them unless they’re touching their food dish then they may bite your hand as if it were their food bowl.


Swans can be a beautiful animal to keep around your backyard barn because they stay close to the water and won’t roam far so you don’t have much to worry about when it comes down to them getting hit by a car or truck. They require at least 50 pounds of fish each day with plenty of room for swimming so it’s important not to feed them any beef because they’re herbivores that only eat plants, veggies and fish. Some people also eat swan eggs which are illegal in most countries but you must then steam them before serving or frying them to kill any bacteria inside that could harm you if eaten raw.


Pigs are interesting animals that can be kept as pet animals on backyard barns if their owners have the proper permit, but most people keep them as food. They can be kept in a compact area with dry bedding available which allows them to lie down, roll over and sit whenever it wants because pigs are clean animals that don’t come into contact with mud or dirt. They eat about 2 pounds of food per 100 pounds of a pig each day which is expensive but they’re relatively easy to take care of and love getting belly rubbed or scratched by their owner every other day.


While cows aren’t typically recommended for backyard barns with small children in the home, they can still be kept even if you don’t own a farm because the land requirement isn’t as big as farming land. Cows require fresh green grass such as hay, maize or barley which can be fed to them through a simple cow feeder that you can make yourself from a water jug, tube and small rocks.

When their time comes to breed, then they’ll need about 15 acres of land with a barn that’s big enough for them to enter and leave at will so they don’t feel trapped inside. They eat about 100 pounds of grass per day but it should be available anytime because, unlike swans and pigs, cows cannot eat hay as the only kind of food they receive.


Sheep are similar things to cows where you can keep them in your backyard barn if you have the necessary land space required to grow their food such as clover or grass which takes up about 10-15 per cent of the land size. Sheep are usually in the middle of the food chain so they don’t harm other animals in your yard but can still play host to parasites such as warble flies which lay their eggs inside the sheep’s body and when hatched, makes them sick to death. Luckily, this issue can be solved by using a sheep drench that gets rid of the parasites for good which is safe for humans too if accidentally swallowed during petting or feeding time.


Dogs are an interesting animal to keep around because unlike swans, fish and cats; you actually have to walk them every day unless you want them coming inside your house with dirty paws all over your floor. Dogs aren’t supposed to eat hay either even though they’re herbivores because they can’t digest it the same way a cow or sheep does which means they’ll get sick if you give them some green grass to eat. They’re an interesting animal that will play with you when you get home from work and walk around your yard sniffing everyone’s butts until it gets tired and lies on a warm spot on the ground to go to sleep.


Ducks, like swans, are meant to be in water so it might not be best for someone who lives in a house with many flights of stairs because there’s nowhere for them to sit down and relax unlike with pigs and cows where you live on flat land. These animals need at least 10-20 gallons of fresh clean water available at all times to keep them happy and healthy before they die. They also need a few pounds of bird seed per day to eat, depending on how many ducks you have, which is poured into their home through special duck feeders that are hard to make but can be bought online or in pet shops for very cheap prices.


Unlike dogs who require walks every day, cats can happily live indoors but will need proper care with toys and enough food to survive. Cats are an interesting animal because they don’t want too much space so owners usually give them an entire house or apartment all by themselves where the only rule is no drapes allowed because cats love destroying drapes more than anything else in the world despite being natural hunters who are meant to be in a yard.


Rabbits aren’t just for Easter but are also perfect to have in a backyard because of their small size and the fact that they’re extremely friendly with humans. These animals don’t require much care either since all you have to do is feed them some carrots or grass every day which makes them very easy to look after compared to cows, sheep, ducks, pigs, dogs and cats. They can live on their own so it doesn’t get lonely when you get home from work unless rabbits are used to living with other rabbits in groups of two or more.

If you want to keep an animal in your backyard barn, it’s important to know the specific needs of that animal. For example, cows require a lot more space than ducks do and rabbits are naturally friendly with humans while cats will need plenty of attention if kept at home alone. Dogs can be walked daily or taken on walks by their owners but they must never eat hay as this is not how dogs digest food which means they’ll get sick from eating grass instead. If you’re looking for something small like a rabbit and don’t mind feeding them some carrots every day, these animals make great pets!

Animals will make your life much more interesting by being a new member of your family.

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