11 Fun Things To Do in The Backyard With a Toddler


Backyards are a great place to play and have fun, but they can be made even more fun for kids by adding some equipments . Backyards are usually surrounded by a fence which makes it safe, so it is easy to create backyard activities just for kids. Backyards are great places for children to play with their siblings, friends or parents.

Backyard activities for kids are also good ways to keep them entertained because they can then safely play in the comfort of your yard. Here are 10 things you can do in your backyard that will keep the little ones entertained all day long.

1) Backyard Swing Set

One of the best things you can do to make your backyard more kid-friendly is to get a Backyard swing set installed. Backyard swings are great for toddlers because they are just learning how to walk. Backyard swings are especially important when it comes time for them to start learning how to walk because the Backyard swing will help them balance while they are jumping up and down. Backyards with swings are also good for older children who often have trouble finding something fun, so parents can relax while knowing that their children will be safe in the backyard surrounded by a fence.

2) Backyard Playhouse

Backyard playhouses are one of the best Backyard activities for kids because they can act as their own space to hang out with friends. Backyards with playhouses also tend to be safer, so parents won’t have to worry about their toddlers getting more than a couple of feet away from where they were last seen at.

Backyard playhouses may not be suitable for all Backyards, but they are absolutely perfect for those that don’t already have outdoor structures like swings or jungle gyms installed. Backyard playhouses are also relatively cheap if you decide to build one from scratch. Backyard playhouses can be especially fun because they let children feel like grownups because they have a Backyard of their own!

3) Backyard Jungle Gym

Backyards with jungle gyms are Backyards that have lots of fun equipment for kids to play on. Backyards with jungle gyms are especially great for Backyards that have a fenced-in area designated specifically for the kids. Backyard jungle gyms can also be used as Backyards swings because they often have multiple types of equipment installed.

Backyard jungle gyms are good places to liven up boring Backyards because they are Backyard activities just for kids. Backyards with jungle gyms can keep children entertained for hours on end because there is so much to do in them. In Backyards with jungle gyms, toddlers can safely play around while their parents relax knowing they will be safe from sharp objects and other big hazards.

4) Backyard Sandbox

Backyards with Backyard sandboxes have lots of activities to entertain kids. Backyard sandboxes are good for even the youngest children because they can play safely in the Backyard sandbox without hurting themselves or anyone else. Backyard sandboxes are especially great for parents who are looking for activities just for kids because they can keep their children contained in the Backyard. Backyard sandboxes often have swings or jungle gyms installed in them, so parents know that they will be able to relax while their Backyard is filled with fun Backyard activities just for kids.

5) Backyard Treehouse

All Backyard is made better with Treehouses. Backyards with treehouses allow kids to have another space just for them in the Backyard. Kids can pretend they are in their own fort in the Backyard or hide out in the Backyard for a little peace and quiet while Mom or Dad is making dinner. Backyards treehouses are perfect when planning activities for children because they eliminate some of the fightings about who gets to play where when there is enough room for everyone in an entire fort in the Backyard!

6) Go Karts

Backyards can be filled with lots of fun things, one of which are go-karts. With simple DIY plans, anyone can make their own Backyard go-kart for their Backyard. Backyards with Go-karts are perfect for kids who love to run around Backyard but can’t always keep up with their older siblings or Backyard friends. Backyards go-karts provide Backyard kids with the opportunity to feel independent by providing them with a way to move about Backyard at their own pace. Here are some ways you could create a Go-Kart in your backyard.

  • Backyards can be made into Go Karts using a large container that is 2.5 ft wide by 1ft deep, cut to length.
  • Backyards can also be made into Go Karts using PVC drain pipes with holes drilled in the pipes where the pipe meets at each end, and glued together with PVC cement. The holes should be closed off on one side of the pipe with epoxy putty once you have it the way you want it for stability purposes.

7) Backyard Paintball

Backyards paintball are a major hit among kids! When Backyards just provide sandboxes, swing sets, and other Backyard activities for kids, Backyard paintball is an awesome addition. Backyards paintball are great for kids who love competition. Backyards paintball are also perfect for Backyard kids who love sports but can’t always make it to the Backyard in time to play with the neighbourhood Backyard buddies. Here are some tips on how to play paintball in a backyard

  • Backyards paintball can be set up with just a few cans of high gloss spray paint.
  • Backyards paintball game is played like any other game of Backyard volleyball or Backyard bug Bash, but it’s with Paintballs!
  • When playing Backyards paintball game, make sure to give each person on your team a specific color of spray paint; this will help you keep track of who is on your Backyard paintball team, and it will also make the Backyards paintball game more exciting for Backyard kids!

8) Backyard Archery

Backyards are not complete without Backyard archery ranges. Backyards with Backyard archery ranges are great for parents who are looking for something interesting to do in their Backyard while teaching children about the safety of firearms but don’t want to teach them how to handle real weapons. Backyards with Backyard archery ranges keep children occupied while teaching them self-defence skills that will be useful when they get older. Backyards with backyard archery ranges are especially great for families where some members have disabilities that prevent them from using other forms of self-defence.

9) Backyard Obstacle Course

A lot of backyard time is spent running around and chasing friends. A Backyard obstacle course provides another place for kids to run around in the Backyard while keeping them contained in one space that has been marked off by cones or barriers. This lets them have fun without hurting themselves or anyone around them! Plus, it’s great practice if they ever want to try out for competitive teams in Backyards. Backyards obstacle courses are perfect for kids who love to race around Backyard. It’s also great for Backyard families that have a lot of running around the Backyard but don’t always want to go to athletic fields or other places for playtime.

Backyards can be made into a Backyard obstacle course using simple Backyard items! Backyards ropes are great for Backyards with hills, while Backyards paintballs are perfect for backyard mud pits. There are endless possibilities when it comes to making Backyards obstacle courses! All you need is the Backyard supplies and your imagination!  

10) Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a huge hit among children of all ages, especially toddlers! They’re Backyard favourites because they’re fun! There are so many places to have Backyards scavenger hunts, but the best place is in Backyards. I know what you may be thinking, “But my backyard isn’t big enough for a Backyards scavenger hunt!” Well friend, do I have some exciting news for you! You can make your Backyard bigger by digging it up and removing all of the dirt until you reach water or bedrock.

Then put the dirt back into the Backyard in different locations to form new areas that can be used as Backyards obstacles during Backyards scavenger hunts! Backyards scavenger hunts are Backyard favourites, so they can be made very Backyard friendly.

11) Backyards Camping

Camping is Backyard favourite activity among Backyards families and Backyards kids! Unfortunately, most Backyards do not have the space to set up a camp site. But you don’t need big Backyards to enjoy Backyards camping! You simply need your Backyard supplies and some creativity to make an awesome Backyard campsite that’s perfect for Backyards families and Backyards kids of all ages. If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do in your backyard with friends or family, look no further than Backdoors camping.

Backyards are a great place to have Backyards fun, but some Backyards do not have enough space for Backdoors activities. Luckily, there are many ways to incorporate Backdoor games into the backyard that will keep your children entertained while also teaching them valuable skills at their developmental level.

The 11 things we’ve shared should provide you with plenty of ideas on how to make these Backdoor games work in any sized yard so they can be used by kids from toddlers all the way up to teenagers! Let us know if you need help creating an outdoor play area or want more information about our services and expertise in this field.  

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