11 Clever and Fun Above-Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

What is an above-ground pool?

An above-ground pool is a type of swimming pool that, instead of being partly or totally submerged in the ground, has its upper parts above the ground. Essentially, it consists only of a hollow ring and a watertight inflatable top ring, supported by inflated legs.

landscaping above ground pool

Landscaping ideas for an above-ground pool:

There are many ways to landscape with an above-ground pool. One thing that must be remembered is that landscaping can cost a lot of money and energy, so it should be carefully planned and maintained well. A little creativity can make your above-ground pool very beautiful and can increase the value of your home!

As above-ground pools continue to grow in popularity, landscaping ideas for above-ground pools will also continue to grow. So here are our picks!

Oval garden look-

To enhance the look of your above-ground pool, you can incorporate landscaping ideas for above-ground pools. For example, if you have a round pool, you may want to create a circular or oval garden around it. You can also plant flowers and hedges along its edge.

Plants to avoid are those that grow too fast and outgrow the garden. Instead, choose plants that will fit nicely in perfectly with your landscape design. If you choose plants that grow too fast or outgrow their space, then you will have to do a lot of work removing them and preventing them from interfering with your above-ground pool.

Mulch landscape-

If you do not want flowers surrounding your above-ground pool, then another option is to use mulch around it.

Mulch is a landscaping material that is made from decaying plant materials. It has many benefits such as weed control and water conservation. Mulch also adds beauty to your yard and it enhances the way your garden looks by bringing out all of its colors and texture.

Planting vines-

If you want to make your above-ground pool look like it is a part of the landscape, then landscaping ideas for above-ground pools with vines are perfect. Vines can be planted on walls or fences surrounding your pool area and they will grow beautifully in the summertime. Just make sure that you choose varieties that don’t require too much maintenance since you don’t want to spend all of your time watering them.

Concrete and stones-

Another landscaping idea for above-ground pools is to place concrete or stones where you would like them to be. Concrete and stone landscaping do not require as much maintenance as other types of landscaping materials such as grass, mulch, and rocks. This is because they come in a variety of colors and textures that can look great with the color of your above-ground pool. Concrete is also durable and can withstand weather conditions that may deteriorate other materials.

Placing mixed colorful stones-

For an alternative to traditional landscaping methods, you can use large rocks or stones instead. Large pieces of rock are easy to find at local garden shops or nurseries. You can also find such rocks on the side of the road. Just use caution when collecting them because they may contain harmful chemicals or substances that might be bad for you or your above-ground pool.

Be sure to place large rocks with enough room so you can still access all areas of your pool without stepping on them. This way you can tell a tale of every rock if the pool party ever needs an ice breaker!

Larger rocks look-

Another landscaping idea is to surround your above-ground pool with large rocks. If you like swimming, but do not want a lot of plants and flowers surrounding your pool, using large rocks is a great alternative for creating an interesting ambiance. The easiest way to landscape with an above-ground pool is to use rock walls, but there are many other options.

To create a more cohesive look, pick rocks that have similar coloration or arrangement patterns. You can have a little fun with the rocks you use since this is just for your above-ground pool. For example, instead of using traditional rectangular stones, opt for rounder ones to give the landscape a more stylized look.

Landscaping with ponds (larger)-

If you are looking for an intense landscaping design, then consider adding a pond next to or near your above-ground pool. A pond can be made by digging a hole in the ground and lining it with plastic sheeting. It can be created above or below ground level by simply building up the soil around it. You can also build a wood frame for it or sculpt the land into an irregular shape that fits your taste.

Small pond look-

If you already own a small pond or water feature in your yard, then one way to make your above-ground pool stand out is to connect the two with some landscaping ideas. For example, you can use rocks or another type of water feature to keep your snails and bugs away and create a small pathway from the small pond to your pool. You could also add bushes around to make it seem more real.

Stacked stone look-

Another way to landscape with an above-ground pool is by stacking stones on top of each other. This is an aesthetically pleasing look that makes your pool pop. It’s also really easy to do.

All you need are stones of varying sizes, some cement adhesive, and grass seed if desired. You can either stack the stones before or after you put them in your above-ground pool, but just make sure that the rocks are not too large to interfere with anything inside.

Slopes and mini waterfalls-

A great landscaping idea for an above-ground pool is to add a little waterfall! You can add a small creek that flows into the hole of your above-ground pool. You can also create slopes or other terrains around the garden to make it look more interesting. It is an excellent idea to make it look like you are camping or on a tropical island; therefore, add beach umbrellas. Placing artificial palm trees around your above-ground pool will give it a very nice touch.

Check out our fake waterfall blog to learn more!

Cover the ground around the pool-

If there is one area of your yard where you do not want grass growing, you can cover it with astroturf or some synthetic turf rather than landscaping with rocks, plants, or concrete. It’s important to note that some people don’t like the artificial look of this material, so if you are partial to natural landscaping materials skip this idea.

In addition to these landscaping ideas, another option is to build a deck around your above-ground pool. By doing this, you will give yourself space for a patio set where you can relax after strenuous swim sessions in your above-ground pool. Additionally, building a deck will allow you to set up lounge chairs and a barbeque grill. It is also an enjoyable project if you enjoy crafting.


So are you guys ready for upgrading your above-ground pool with such interesting ideas? Let us know which of these you liked the best and which type of pool you already have!

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