10 Amazing Treehouse Games, Kids and Adults can play

Treehouse Games

Treehouse games are a lot of fun! Treehouses give kids an opportunity to do something that they may not have been able to do before. Treehouses also provide a sense of security for children. Nowadays, many parents are having their kids stay in the house more because of safety concerns so it is great when you can get your child outside and spend time with them while doing something constructive.

Treehouses also allow children to create new games which they may not have had the chance to play before or even think up on their own due to lack of space inside the home. These 10 games will help keep your child entertained and active all day long!

Treehouse Hide-and-Seek

Treehouses are a great hide-and-seek location. Treehouses make it impossible for kids to see each other until they come down the slide or steps so this adds an extra element of difficulty to the game. Treehouse Hide-and-Seek is pretty easy to play. Once a player is found, the person that has been found tries to find someone else. The game continues until all players are found. Treehouses are made for kids to climb and explore. Treehouses could be in the backyard or even in the front yard. But there are many places inside a treehouse where you can hide too!

Treehouse Tag

Treehouses make great places to play tag. The human treehouse is usually not too far up in the tree which allows you to somewhat easily climb back down but still be out of reach. Treehouses also give children more opportunities to grab onto branches, ropes, and twigs when playing tag which makes it possible for them to pull themselves up higher into the tree while still holding onto something else with another hand. Treehouses are particularly challenging when you add in things like obstacles, boundaries, bumpers, etc… Treehouses can have a lot of fun obstacles to play with while playing Treehouse Tag.

Treehouse Tug-of-War

Treehouses provide a great place to play tug-of-war! Treehouses are built high in the tree which allows you to get a really good grip on your opponent and have plenty of leverage while trying to pull them out. Treehouses also make it possible for you to grab onto things like trunks, branches, ropes, etc… Tugs-of-war are also made more interesting when played in Treehouse because there is no endpoint.

You will find that kids love this game even more than regular tug-of-war because they do not know when the game will end! Treehouses are also made with ladders which makes it difficult for the other team to run up and pull you down. Treehouses make tug-of-war games more challenging than ever before!

Treehouse Obstacle Course

Treehouses can range in size but most treehouses are fairly small. Treehouses provide many elements that can be used to create an obstacle course though. Treehouses can have all kinds of different things like obstacles, bumpers, tight ropes, trunks to crawl under, etc… These obstacles will keep children entertained for hours on end while they try their best to get through the Treehouse Obstacle Course without falling or getting hurt in some way. The great thing about Treehouse Obstacle Courses is that kids don’t need anyone to run them for them which makes Treehouse Obstacle Courses a great place to get some exercise!

Treehouse Treasure Hunt

Treehouses make great places to play Treehouse Treasure Hunts. Treehouses provide a lot of opportunities for hiding or burying treasure, especially if the structure is made of wood. Treehouses are built high in the air which means that children will put time and effort into making sure that they bury their treasure deep enough so that nobody else can find it. Treehouses also provide many elements such as obstacles, tight ropes, trunks, etc…

Treehouse Treasure Hunts keep children entertained while allowing them to use their imagination and creativity when trying to hide or bury things in Treehouse. Treasure Hunt can also help children to strengthen their problem-solving skills because they need to figure out the best place to bury treasure in a Treehouse. They are one of the most challenging places for children to play Treasure Hunts, but it is also one of the most rewarding!

Treehouse Tickle Monster

Treehouses make great places for kids to play tickle monsters. Because you are both enclosed in the structure of Treehouse Treehouses, both players have limited mobility which makes it possible to grab onto each other much easier than if there were no obstacles. Tree holes also provide many elements that kids can use as weapons against each other like ropes, branches, etc… You can also take Treehouse Treehouses outside for a Treehouse Tickle Monster battle which makes it much more fun and challenging! Treehouses are one of the best places to play Treehouse Tickle Monsters because you have limited space, so it is easier to catch your opponent.

Treehouse Four Squares

Treehouses make great places to play Treehouse Four Squares because they are built high in the air. Because you can use the trunks and branches of trees while playing 4 square, children will have a more challenging time while trying to get back and forth between each of the squares on the board. The only way that children can get from one square to another is if he or she climbs up or down! That makes 4 square even more exciting than it already is when played inside a Treehouse.

Treehouse Freeze Tag

Treehouses make great places to play freeze tag because you have limited space in a Treehouse. The other team cannot run away from you because once they step outside the boundaries (which is usually hard to do), then their legs will dangle high above the ground! Treehouses make it easier to catch your opponents and you can also use Trunks and Branches as weapons against the other team! Treehouses provide a challenging place for children to play Freeze Tag.

Treehouse Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is always a fun game, especially when it is played inside of a Treehouse! Because the space in which you have to maneuver around isn’t exactly huge, children will be forced to spread out more than they normally do in musical chairs. That makes musical chairs even more exciting when played with limited space in a Treehouse. Like all of the other Treehouse Games, musical chairs are more challenging and exciting when played inside a Treehouse.

Treehouse Limbo

Treehouses make great places to play Treehouse Limbo because of the obstacles in Treehouses provide. Kids can use ropes and branches as limbo sticks while trying to get under holes and trunks. Because you don’t have much space, Treehouses were probably built with narrower boundaries which makes it easier for children to touch the floor without getting their hips or legs stuck between the boards (which happens often). Treehouses are one of the best places to play Treehouse Limbo because of the Tree obstacles which make it more challenging.

Treehouses are one of the best places to play games with your family. The games that have been mentioned in this article are all kid-friendly and take advantage of the Treehouse itself. Each game is just as challenging, if not more challenging than normal versions of each game because you have limited space or other limitations to work with. Although most of these games require a special type of Treehouse called a platform Treehouse where there are no walls, some can still be played on smaller Treehouses like those located inside homes.

But it is important to remember that for many of the games, having obstacles available will make them even more fun! That’s why many people choose to build Treehouses for their children instead of buying these things for them because it is more personal and allows children to use their imagination. No matter what type of Treehouse you have or plan to build for your kids, playing games in Treehouses is just as exciting as any other game!

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